Mental Health and Wellbeing

This training is designed for people working with children (including teenagers) in a play scheme/holiday or after school club/arrangement.

The course is designed to cover the following aspects that may have a significant aspect on a child’s life:

  • Emotional Wellbeing;
  • Self Esteem;
  • Emotional Stress - following bereavement, family illness/serious ill health, hospital admission,
  • Financial issues at home, any form of loss;
  • Transition - i.e. reception to Year, Year 2 to Year 3, Year 6 to Year 7, moving house, moving school,
  • puberty;
  • Anger Management - positive expression or release of frustration through sport, physical activity or role play such as puppets, drama etc and;
  • Anxiety Disorders - such as body shape issues, eating disorders, self harm such as hair pulling etc, panic attacks.

This workshop is a 3 hour interactive workshop session with lots of time for discussion and group working. This workshop will give attendees the skills to recognise behaviour traits and patterns, deal with 'explosive' situations (or diffuse them) and an understanding of where they can seek help or refer children and young people to.