Save a Life

Save a Life Program Rickmansworth

This is a first aid workshop run as part of a programme within a Children’s Centre. The learning is focused on the critical knowledge required in basic first aid emergency situations.

As mentioned above, below is the feedback Catapult Services has received as part of recent OFSTED inspections within education establishments:

Radlett and Park Street Children's Centre group inspection which took place in 2014:

“Adults have extremely positive views about the courses they attend, such as ‘Parenting Puzzle’ and ‘Family Toolkit’. The very large majority of adults who start a group or course usually finish it. A group of mothers told inspectors that they ‘pick up lots of useful tips to manage their child’s behaviour positively’ and to support their learning at home, for example when making glitter play dough together to create models. The positive partnership with ‘Catapult Services’ results in tailor-made first aid courses being delivered that respond well to the welfare needs of families”.

Please click here to see the Radlett and Park Street Children's centre group OFSTED report

Potters Bar Children’s Centre group which took place in 2014:

“Some very well planned work takes place to help families understand the importance of health and safety, for example a specific first aid for lone parents and children includes a ‘Shake and Wake’ procedure taught to children so that they know what to do if their parent falls poorly. Parenting skills are well promoted, with 138 parents involved in building confident parenting skills, setting boundaries and managing their children’s behavior”.

Please click here to see the Potters Bar Children's centre group OFSTED report.